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About Us

The Dreams Fulfilled Relief Organization is a non-profit, charitable organization that was founded in 2007 and based in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. We are dedicated to bettering the lives of impoverished children in Vietnam, helping those in poor urban districts and remote rural areas by offering them the opportunities they need to reach their full potential.

From Toronto all the way to Saigon, all of our members come together as volunteers and work towards the same humanitarian cause. We plan and carry out our activities as a family in order to serve the needs of the greater community.

Since our establishment, DFRO has carried out multiple programs that find their roots in the very areas paramount in escaping poverty: education, health and basic sustenance.  Having the right education helps build the foundation for Vietnam’s future. That is why it is important that children in Vietnam have the opportunity to attend school and have adequate resources in the school system. After all, it is only circumstance that truly separates us as human beings. In our efforts, we wish to level out the playing field so there will be more opportunities for everyone to succeed.


Dfro Head Office (Canada)

General Inquiry Cel: 416-566-6824 / Email:

Ms. Hieu Minh Thi Do. President & Founder.(Registered Director)
E-mail: Cel: 416 566 6824
Mr.Ben Hoang. Vice President of Operation (Registered Director) Cel: 416 727 8304
Mrs.Tuyet(Snowy) Nguyen. Treasurer (Registered Director)
E-mail : Cel : 416 528 2097
Tuan(Tommy) Anh Vu. Director Public Relation (Registered Director)
Email: Cell: 416 728 0488
Mai Nguyen, International Project Manager (Registered Director)
Direct Line: 416 844 5097. Email:
Ms.Trinh(Theresa) Xuan Do. Youth Program Director & Executive Assistant
E-mail: Cel: 647 291 4791
Mr.Richard Huy Nam Hoang. Fund Collection Administrator
Mr. Brendan Nguyen. Project & Event Manager
Direct Line: (416) 588 8580 E-mail:
Mr. Hoang Lam. Fund Collector
Direct Line: 416 550 2628 E-mail:
Tuan Vo, Information Technology Manager
Direct Line: 647 267 2735. Email:

North Viet Nam Team



Dfro Viet Nam Branch

General Inquiry Direct Email:

Thuyen Thu Thi Nguyen – Administrative Coodinator
Direct Line:(+84) 1 217 508 144 Email:
Dien Tran – Information Technology Manager
Direct Line: 01292 678 222 E-mail:

South Viet Nam Team

Trang Kim Ngoc Vo – Program Coordinator – Vinh Long Province
Direct Line: (+84) 121 801 3349 E-mail:
Mai Xuan Truong – Social Program Coordinator – Soc Trang Province
Direct Line: (+84) 944 336 945 E-mail:

Central Viet Nam Team

Le Canh Doan – Director of Administration – Phu Yen Province
Direct Line: (+84) 168 724 4793 Email: