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Father is no longer having skull -Child is no longer having school - October.2009
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Father is no longer having skull -Child is no longer having school - October.2009

Tran Dinh Ha Mien, with her very cute name and a pretty face but a life full of tears since birth in May 1991.

Mien’s mother's has left her father and also abandoned her when she was a child. Mr. Hung Dinh Tran, a center of Vietnam resident was leaving his homeland and moved to live in Saigon and practice Cyclo bicycle riding, he has raised Mien and send her to school alone by himself... They both were  lived in very poor rent rooms  in the city of Saigon, Mien has never once been met her mother and she has never heard any mention of any relatives by her father. But difficult life circumstances and poor, solitary was not extinguished the desire of her reaching up, Mien was achieved good student in many consecutive years at the school where she studied.

But suffer destiny did not disengage the people already has a life of unhappiness ... In 2007, the father of Mien after returning from very hard working was fallen on the floor before going to sleep, and as a result was cranial cerebral trauma.

Ha Mien & Mr. Hung after operate second time - Feb,2009

Mr. Hung of skull was infected – Sep 5th,2009

Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital where in charge of  Hung’s treatment  decided to take away half of the skull at this time to nourish restore function back .. Mr. Hung was half paralyzed , not talk and private care to be. Mien was at the age of 16 and studying a half year in grade 11, must quit school to sacrifice at home full time caring for her father ... Therefore the dream  to cultivate knowledge and innovation her life has to be buried because of the grim fate ... Since then, both father and daughter have lived through the Free loving-kindness of Mrs Kinh, a founding director of humanitarian center "Camilo shelters.”. Then with the help of Mrs. Kinh, Mr Hung was to transplant surgery at the skull back in February 2009.

Outside - Mr. Hung of home

After the second surgery, Mr. Hung and Mien were offered to live with Mrs My Thi Pham and  her family without charge of rent, address of 12/6c, Tan Hung ward,  7 District , City of Saigon , but these kind hearted people are also very poor, so they could not provide the basic living needs for Mr. Hung and Mien.

Mien during this time was supported and having skill training by Ms.Thuy Chung Pham(now is Director for the South Vietnam Branch of the charity Dreams fulfilled Relief Organization (DFRO) in Vietnam), She is presently a salesperson for a fashion shop in the city of Saigon, with a salary of 1 million six hundred thousand Vietnam dong a month. Her very low salary is not enough to foster father, Ms. Thuy has also held a fundraising to  help this familie and ask for Mr. Hung to have a  physiotherapy treatment free at the monastery of St. Paul , located at number 4 Nguyen Trung Ngan street, Ben Nghe Ward, 1district, Saigon City

Mr. Hung at hospital – Sep,2009

Ha Mien care for Mr. Hung at hospital

But disaster has never stop on these lives, on September 5, 2009 Mr. Hung’s skull was bleeding and infected, doctors has diagnosed he needs an emergency surgery, but Mien was tearful  to take her father out of Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital because there is no $ 7 million Vietnam dong to pay the admission treatment ...

After receiving the emergency relief message to this family from Ms. Thuy Chung Pham, DFRO has sent instantly  of $ 7 million brought Mr. Hung back to  Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital for emergency and at the same time send e-mails to some its benefactors to call for support to Mr. Hung’s treatment fees

Through the support of DFRO and its benefactors timely, Mr. Hung has undergone surgery at the hospital Nguyen Tri Phuong, half skull (left) infection had to get out of his head. According to his doctor, Mr. Hung will have to come back to the hospital to have a half artificial skull add back to his head around March 2010.

Inside - Mr. Hung of home

Mr. Hung of bed at home

Mr. Hung was discharge and return to his home as a temporary hut building on the land in front of Ms My Thi Pham’s house.  This hut is just enough for a couch and lack of sanitation, (Mien is permitted to sleep with Ms. My’s children in the house). Mr. Hung is half left body paralyzed  and cannot be talking, his daily activities on the wheel chair. Mien has to back to work to keep her job and to have some fund to take care of her father. All of Mr. Hung’s daily activities are relying on Mien, a 18-year-old daughter responsible.  DFRO has decided to continue funding until Mr.Hung completed all surgery.

Mr. Hung still needs more help to keep the cost of treatment, and Mien’s dream is seeing her father healthy again. DFRO earnestly call for your generosity and loving-kindness extended to contribute and help Mr. Hung so Mien will not losing her only loved ones in life. Please send your donation cheque  to DFRO, (note relief Tran Dinh Hung). For more information contact us by Hieu Minh Thi Do, Chairman DFRO, Cellular phone is  (416) 566-6824 (Canada).E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .; Thuy Chung Pham, Managing Director at DFRO South Vietnam branch, cellular phone is 011-84- 0122- 886-5533(Vietnam). E-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Mr. Hung after operate third time-with half skull

Emergency relief fund for  "Tran Dinh Hung" (estimated $ 5,000 CAN)

DFRO have the honor to organize their gratitude to the benefactors have contributed to the "Tran Dinh Hung Relief Fund until June 11, 2009 as follows:

Singer Ha Phuong (USA) $ 7 million VN, Do Minh Hieu (Vaughan) $ 230, Vu Anh Tuan (Vaughan) $ 100, Cuong Vu (Vaughan) $ 100, Hoi-Thuy (Hamilton) $ 220, Tich Ha & Kim Loan (Hamilton) $ 200, Ms. Thanh (Guelph) $ 100, Ms. Hao (Guelph) $ 100, Mr. Hung & Ms. Tuyet (Hamilton) $ 100, $ 100 St.Clair restaurant, Ms. Trang (Miss) $ 100, L audio Ngoc Lan (Montreal) $ 100, Sun Tien Vinh (Montreal) $ 100, Ms. Hanh (NY) $ 20, A / C Dung - Training (Etobicoke) $ 50, Nguyen Kim Nga (Vaughan) $ 10.

Please accept our thankful hearts and may God bless full of  Fortunate and Prosperous on your family.

Do Thi Minh Hieu

Chairman Founders

Cel: 416-566-6824